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Few Points To Keep In Mind Before And After Hiring Offshore Web Development Companies

August 2nd, 2018

There are scores of online web development companies available that offer different web design and development services. However you need to make sure that you are dealing with the right guys if you are planning to go with an offshore internet based web development and design firm. Most of these companies today offer cost effective and quality PHP development services, but you never know when you can get ripped off your hard earned dollars. Here is a checklist of all generic traits you should look for in a quality web development firm for PHP website development:

  1. The first step is to make sure that you are well aware of your website conding requirements. Allowing offshore companies to improvise on your idea can result in disastrous results. Your idea can get stolen or you can end up with a hefty bill for services that you actually didn’t require in first place. A great approach would be to draft a comprehensive project plan stating all requirements, challenges and methodology of your web application project before embarking on your search for the best web programming company.
  2. Once you are done with drafting out the plan, now is the time to start searching for developers and companies. Although you can also go with in house coders well versed with PHP MySQL, but sky rocketed costs have made this idea a dream only. So hiring an offshore firm might be a better idea provided that they deliver what they promise. You can search Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines to find the right web development company. You can also search freelancing portals like GAF, Vworker and Elance too.
  3. Once you have shortlisted the web development firm, now is the time that you lay down your plan in front of them. Make sure that you ask them to stick to the guidelines and a notary contract in this regard can also prevent both parties in deceiving each other.
  4. It is your responsibility to keep timely checks on the web development firm you have hired and to ask for daily, weekly or monthly reports regarding current status and progress. Please understand the fact that no one likes getting “pushed” too much; so it’s more than fair to allow certain flexibility while dealing with your provider.
  5. After your PHP development company / provider hands over the work, make sure to comprehensively test all aspects and get the source code. It is also important that you remind your developer regarding Private Label Rights [If Applicable] and any consequences that might occur if any party violates them.

It is a good approach to carve healthy and steady business relationship with your provider firm. However before you hire PHP developers, it is also important to keep all the points stated above in mind.