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The Difference Between a Web Designer and a Web Developer

So, you have an idea of a website, but are wondering who you need to hire to get the job done, a web designer or a web developer. Usually you need a combination of both, but still, knowing what each provides will help you better determine who is best to do the job for the website you have in mind. The two are very different things, both visually as well as technically. To better understand what each does, you simply need to understand what web design is in comparison to web development.

Web design is the visual part of a web page. This is what the visitors will see, what they will be attracted to. Go to any website and see what the design offers. It includes the colors, the lines, images, and text. Though most likely you will be providing the text to your website, the web designer will be the one that is going to be putting it in the page and placing it in a way that the visitors will be able to see it and be attracted to it.

The design of a website is essential to ensuring that the visitors are attracted and actually stay in your website beyond the initial click. Visitors are easily deterred by a website due to its design, so make sure that the web designer is both visually talented, as well as very organized. The graphics and the overall look to a website are completely reliant on the designer.

On the other hand, web development is what happens behind the scenes. This is the web site on the other side, the part that the visitors do not see. It is simply the programming creating the “back end” of a certain website. The format, information, and graphics are inserted through this type of development, in a way that they do not interfere with each other and are easy to click through. Dynamic script languages are used such as ASP, PHP, ASP.NET as well as ColdFusion.

Usually both jobs are done by someone that is capable of both, simply because no one these days turns individually to a designer and developer. Also, the term web design is far more populated amongst the masses, and even web developers are turning to that term in order to gather clients. The correct combination of both is essential and if you do not plan on working with an individual developer and designer to get the web design and of course website up on the internet, then you need to find someone capable of doing both. It is preferred and a great way to not worry about mis communication and dealing with two different people and their creative differences.

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