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Which Web Development Language Is the Most Useful to Learn?

We’ve all heard the terms HTML, CSS, PHP and ASP, just to mention a few, and probably have some idea of the relationship between these scripts and the practice of web development, but when it comes to making a decision regarding which particular website development language you should learn, you may find that you feel less than informed. One of the best ways to begin narrowing down the range of web development languages to those that will best serve your needs is to first decide upon what kind of website you intend to design. If designing websites is not just a one-off project for you, and you intend it to be a career path, it’s likely you’ll need to master several. To assist you, let’s take a look at what are the most popular types of web languages and their common uses.

It’s commonly advised that the basics of HTML should be the first web language learned. HTML, short for Hypertext Markup Language is a set of tags used to create hypertext documents such as those used in web creation. It is the building block of all web development and a must-learn for anyone considering a career in the area. The second most useful website development language to learn would be CSS. CSS, an acronym for Cascading Style Sheets, is a language used to represent the appearance and formatting of a web document. The third most useful website development language is SQL. SQL, abbreviation of Structured Query language, is a language designed to manage data across relational database management systems which can enable the query or search of databases for information set by any number of criteria or search terms.

After getting a good grasp of these basics, if you decide to continue, you’ll need to decide which area of web development you would like to focus on. Web development is broken down into two areas: back-end and front-end. Back-end refers the creation and management of dynamic applications and web content using a combination of SQL databases and scripting languages such as PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), ASP (Application Service Provider) programming and JSP (Java Server Pages) technology. Front-end website development focusses on the outward appearance of the website and the meeting the client’s brief in terms of interface design and functionality and is likely to involve the learning of languages such as Javascript and Ajax programming.

In summary, if you only need to create a static web page with content that only changes when the HTML code is changed, then HTML and CSS will be the only languages necessary for you to learn. However, if you are interested in pursuing a career in web development and want to create dynamic web pages with content which updates according to information in databases, a range of other scripting languages such as PHP are essential.

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